Nevada County Tourist Attractions

Northern California ( is famous for the cities that appeared on its territory decades ago during the surge of the “gold rush”. Nevada is a county that has been reborn from a mining village into a city with a rich history and architecture. Hear about the highlights of the Nevada Tourist District.

Boreal Ski Resort is located in Soda Springs, near Lake Tahoe in Northern California. Popularity among lovers of skiing and snowboarding Boreal brought high-speed trails scattered across the vast territory of the resort.

The Nevada Theater is the oldest Californian theater whose stage has become a silent witness to triumph and tragedy, the birth and death of theater and film stars.

Donner Lake is not as large as neighboring Tahoe. Donner Lake is a local favorite for trout and salmon fishing, boating, water skiing, snowmobiling and windsurfing.

The Tahoe Donner ski area, a popular place for tourists, belongs to those lucky ones who are lucky enough to build houses on its territory. The place is famous for its yacht clubs and marina, horse riding center, golf course and luxury hotels.

Spending the night at the Holbrook Hotel is like traveling back in time. The hotel, built in the 70s of the XIX century in the style of the Edwardian era, has not ceased to receive guests from the day it opened to the present day. Holbrook is the main attraction in Northern California.

Royal George Ski Resort confirms Nevada’s status as the nation’s most popular ski destination. In the Royal Gorge, there are 65 trails with a length of 195,000 km. The resort is in demand among tourists, so we recommend booking rooms in advance.

Donner Memorial State Park preserves the encampment of the last Donner Party settlers who died in 1847. Park visitors enjoy hiking trails, campgrounds, and mountain lake views. Empire Mine State Historic Park is located on a former gold mine and is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. 1965 was the founding year of the Malakov Diggins State Historical Park. The park is considered the largest mining site in California. Walking paths are open for the convenience and safety of tourists.

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