Austria. Skiing

Many European and domestic tourists disappointed the beginning of the spring with which the ski season ends in our hemisphere. Now you have to go to Tours to Latin America or New Zealand, paying for it indecently big money, or humbly wait for the opening of the season at European ski resorts. However, even on our continent you can find places where eternal winter reigns, and even in July there is no hint of a hot summer. One of these places are the glaciers of Austria, where ski tours do not lose their popularity almost all year round.

Austria’s ski resorts make up a lot of surprises, one of which is the opportunity to practically do not interrupt the Skiing Skiing Season. There are seven glaciers here, which provide connoisseurs of winter outdoor activities with everything necessary for a full-fledged skiing. The Austrian ski resorts on the glaciers in Carinthia, Salzburg (you can rent a car here, Tyrol and Styria have a height difference of almost a kilometer, are equipped with a modern system of lifts, slopes of varying difficulty for skiing and snowboarding. It is enough to go on a ski tour in Austria once to fall in love with this country forever and come back here again and again.

Glacier Elfal with a maximum height of 3122 m is one of the youngest regions for skating, but tours to the resort are already enormous. The skiing season is open from September to May. On the glacier there are about 53 km of a variety of tracks, 9 lifts serve it.

The Stubay Glacier with a maximum of 3210 m is the largest in the country, which explains the popularity of ski tours to Austria in this region. The snow layer suitable for excellent riding on this glacier is provided since October to July. Numerous tracks are serviced by 24 lifts, comfortable hotels opened in the region, and the infrastructure is at the highest level.

The Pitztal glacier is famous for being the highest peak in the Austrian Alps, which can be reached by ski lift. Tours to the resorts of the region are very popular among Europeans and our fellow citizens, and the Austrian authorities noted the resort as the best in Tyrol in the preparation of ski sloping and snowboarding trails. And this is not all the ski resorts in Austria, where you can relax most of the year.

Of course, many tours to the resorts of Austria are possible only in certain months of the year, but this does not repel many tourists. After all, the level of preparation and equipment of the slopes, the comfort of accommodation for guests, the quality of service in the resorts of Austria deserve the highest marks. Here you can find other ways to spend your leisure time: in gyms, restaurants, bowling clubs, cozy cafes. And small guests of the resorts will spend excellent time in game rooms, children’s cafes or will be able to attend skiing lessons or snowboard from professional instructors. Discounts are often offered for family lessons.