Cervinia, Italy, 20-kilometer red ski run

You can get to one of the longest ski slopes in the world from the Swiss Klein Matterhorn, also known as Piccolo Cervino. The highest mountain cable car in Europe will take you to the Klein Matterhorn through giant cracks in the glacier. From here, from a height of 3883 meters, the epic 20-kilometer red track begins, descending to the Italian Valtournanche (1524 m), connected by a lift to neighboring Cervinia. The route (elevation difference of 2279 meters) passes through huge glacial fields interspersed with steep mogul sections. Due to the height at which the highway passes, it is open from November to mid-April. For those who want a little shorter, you can try the red Ventina track in Cervinia — an 11.5-kilometer descent from the Rosa Plateau.
Perhaps, no one will come to mind to argue with the statement that the diversity — both in terms of natural qualities and in terms of the complexity of the slopes — of the ski resorts of Italy is huge. Cervinia, one of the oldest and most famous resorts, is located in the Aosta Valley, on the southern slopes of the four-thousand-meter Matterhorn peak.

And Cervinia is the highest mountain resort in Italy. The local town of Breuil-Cervinia is located at an altitude of 2050 m, the neighboring village of Valtournenche is at 1524 m, and the top point of skiing is already at 3480 m. Winter is very sunny here, snow lies from December to the end of May.
It should be noted that the northern slopes of this mountain belong to the Swiss resort of Zermatt. Accordingly, to get there, you can only use skis from vehicles.
A real winter with a lot of snow, bright sun, a large number of various hotels and restaurants make Cervinia an attractive place. Among other things, the town itself is very attractive and cozy, walking along its streets will bring additional pleasure to a trip to this resort.

How to get
To get to Cervinia, it makes sense to focus on the nearest airports: Turin (120 km) and Milan (Malpensa, 160 km). Transfer from airports is carried out in different ways: this can be a hotel shuttle (which must be agreed upon at the time of booking the hotel), or individual transport, or a regular bus. Well, from the neighboring, but Swiss Zermatt, you can get to Cervinia by means of skis (two pieces) and poles (two pieces). Sometimes it is useful to rent a car which can be found on https://bookingauto.com/en

Routes of Cervinia
The ski area here is one of the highest in Europe, sometimes it may seem that the lifts take skiers directly into the sky, behind the clouds. It should be noted that this winter brings not only pros, but also cons: sometimes a strong wind rises in the mountains, and then the lifts stop working: special importance is attached to ensuring the safety of guests at the resort. The total capacity of the lifts is 300,000 people per hour. The best time for skiing here is December and February-March, since in the middle of winter the weather can be too harsh. High-altitude plateaus allow you to ride almost all year round: they are so high that there is almost always snow here.

The resort is focused mainly on skiers with an average level of training. A large number of well-thought-out and prepared trails will give you the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely, almost lazy ski descent along a picturesque slope, and gliding along more complex routes, attractive for their length, and long high-speed descents.

Ski areas of Cervinia
The main ski areas in Cervinia are: Plan Maison, Laghi Cima Bianche (Laghi Cima Bianhce) 2982 m, the slope to the Valtouranche Valley (Valtournenche), Plateau Rosa (Plateau Rosa) 3489 m. In general, the resort of Cervinia is characterized by a large number of trails and their diversity. Even a long stay here will not be boring, as the ski trails are organized very inventively.

In Cervinia, professionals will be pleased with the Bardoney track. There are many difficult “black” trails on Swiss territory (but you need to catch the lift in time and return to Cervinia, otherwise you will have to spend the night in Switzerland).For intermediate skiers, Cervinia is the optimal place: there are many long, gentle slopes. For example, the central part of the resort and the Laghi Cime Bianche area, as well as the Bontadini highway from the Plateau Rosa (Plateau Posa). In addition, it is worth trying your hand at Gran Pista — a long (15 km) and beautiful descent into the Valtournenche valley.
For beginners, there are also a lot of trails in Cervinia, especially in Plan Maison — both in the area itself and to the left and bottom of this ski area. Almost all the tracks on the plateau are “blue”, the snow on them is very soft.
For novice skiers, the resort also has several ski schools that accept students from 5 years old, and more than 300 individual instructors. The kindergarten is ready to accept children from 3 years old.

Snowboarding enthusiasts in Cervinia will find a border park on the Rosa Plateau, fan parks, half pipes and border cross trails on the Swiss side of the resort.
One of the advantages of the resort is that blue trails run along almost all the slopes, which allows you to travel around the entire resort, and not ride the whole vacation from the same “hill”.
All ski areas in the resort of Cervinia are united by a common ski pass, which, without any doubt, is a great convenience for skiers. In addition, it is possible to purchase a ski pass in common with Zermatt.