Alpine skiing in Austria – the best resorts, glacier tours

Austria has occupied one of the leading positions in the reception of tourists-fans of skiing for many years in a row. Skiers and snowboarders from all over the world come here every year.
Skiing in Austria is at such a high level because the country is easy to get to, the slopes are amazing, and the accommodation options are great.

Today, everyone can choose skiing tours to Austria for themselves, based on their needs and possibilities: there are both fashionable hotels with expensive services and very budget options.
This wonderful alpine country can resonate with every tourist.

High quality ski holidays

Alpine skiing in Austria is very popular, which is one of the reasons for such a high development of this particular industry. And this is not at all surprising, given the beauty of the landscapes there.

It is important not to forget that a hundred years ago, the inhabitants of Salzburg and Tyrol realized that not only in summer you can get good benefits, but also in the snowy season. Back in 1904, the first downhill competitions were held in the Alps, and 18 years later the very first ski school was opened.

Such many years of experience attracts every year crowds of people who want to relax in Austria. Here you can not only ride, but also buy skiing in Austria, because it was in this country that the production of equipment for skiing.

The Austrians are purposeful and stubborn people, thanks to these qualities they managed to build a successful business, which dates back to 1928, in which they launched the first lift. Today, there are about eight hundred resorts in the Alps, which include fifty areas for skiing. One fifth of them can be visited at any time of the year.

Austria invites fans of mountain skiing to ride and get real pleasure from doing extreme sports. Resorts are ready to accept everyone and provide the highest level of service.

Top five resorts

A country that has been developing the ski business for over a hundred years can always offer something to tourists from all over the world. Alpine skiing Austria resorts, both premium and budget, provide the highest quality services, as the reputation for their owners is always in the first place.

If you are deciding where to go for a winter holiday, this alpine country has plenty to choose from. Alpine skiing Austria tour operator will help you choose the perfect option, tell you about the conditions and promotions.

Before you buy tickets, you need to clarify some aspects. Few people know that slightly different rules work here, which differ from those accepted in the world. Here they are:

  • in these resorts you can not find the usual “green” trails for amateurs. Instead, they work specially designed for beginners – “blue”;
  • evening skiing is rare here, mostly lifts are open from 8.30 am to 4 pm. Here it is important to think over the evening rest at the stage of choosing a city;
  • in the middle of the week it will be problematic to check into a hotel or apartment, as it is customary to make reservations from Saturday to Saturday.

Top five resorts

Below is a brief description of the most popular resorts in the Alps. Therefore, if you decide where to go skiing in Austria, the selection will come in handy.


In the Tyrol region, this is the most pretentious resort. You can often hear another name for it, “Austrian Courchevel”. If you are looking for a luxurious holiday destination, with the highest class service, then this resort is perfect for you. Here you can find entertainment for every taste, in addition to skiing. Pop stars of the first magnitude constantly perform in Ishgil, including Madonna herself and Sir Elton John. Shoppers will especially like this place. In the resort, you can find boutiques of the world’s leading brands.

As for the slopes, everything on Ishgil is of high quality. Snowy winters in this region do not threaten at all, since the resort is located above 2 km above sea level. The place is well suited for holidays with children, for whom there is a ski school. Even with kids, you can safely come – a kindergarten is open for them. You can ride here from November to May.

Bad Gastein

This resort is located near Salzburg. Due to the fact that the oldest mountain casino is located on its territory, it is called the “Austrian Monte Carlo”.

Thermal springs are located on the territory of the resort, surrounded by classical European architecture, which gave rise to the construction of many spas that provide beauty treatments of various levels of complexity.

This makes it possible not only to enjoy skiing, but also to relax, for example, in a sauna. Traveling with children is very profitable, since the prices for skiing for them are one and a half to two times lower. It is worth coming here from December to March.


If you ask a skier about the most popular resort in Austria, then most likely Kitzbühel will be named. They know about it far beyond the borders of the country, all over the world it has fans.

This oldest town has been hosting ski fans for almost a hundred years. This is a very expensive resort. But you can also ride in more budgetary regions that are adjacent to it, they are all connected with some kind of common system of tracks. It is worth paying attention to the Söll region, which is very close to Kitzbühel: there are several villages there, the prices of which are more affordable, and this is ideal for a family vacation.

The trails are well equipped, there are special places for beginners and children. Professionals will also find where to turn around. You can ski at this resort from December to March.


This resort is located in the Tyrolean Valley. Skiers have long called it the ski mecca of the Alps. A variety of skiing at this resort is possible due to the connection of four narrow mountain valleys. The most popular valley is the Tuxertal, which leads skiers to Austria’s most popular glacier, the Hintertux. Thanks to the latter, you can ride in this resort all year round. Therefore, if your vacation falls in the summer, you can safely buy a tour here.

The Tyrolean Valley is more than a dozen regions that unite good trails. It is very important to note that in order to ride the slopes of Mayrhofen, it is not necessary to live in an expensive resort, you can simply rent an apartment in a nearby village and come to the place by bus.


This place is truly fabulous. Here you can not only enjoy skiing, but also plunge into the real atmosphere of the Alps. The town has its own provinciality, everything around resembles a commercial or a picture.

The resort is suitable for those who are looking for comfort. Good for family or romantic getaway. You can ride here for days. There is no annoying pathos and fuss in Kaprun. The city has a real medieval castle, and the tracks are ready to take tourists all year round.