The largest ski resort in Norway, Trysil, is located on three slopes of Mount Trysil. This is an extensive ski area with a height difference of up to 685 meters. There are 66 trails with a total length of 71 km, the slopes are served by 31 lifts. The resort is considered one of the best places in the world for winter sports. Even in warm and snowy weather, from mid-November to mid-December, at least 8 km of descents with a height difference of up to 620 meters are maintained at the same time; and from mid-December to the end of April, at least 20 km of descents are maintained.

On the eve of a trip to Trysil, you don’t have to study the weather forecast: the resort is equipped with an artificial snowmaking system, considered one of the best in Northern Europe, which guarantees high-quality coverage of the ski slopes. The lifts in Trysil open at 9: 00 and are open from the beginning of the season until January 26 until 15:30, and from January 27 to April 27 until 16:30. To access the elevators, you will need a key card worth 45 CZK.

Night skiing on illuminated trails is possible until 20: 00 on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays from December 20 to April 15. The ski area on Mount Trysil is divided into four zones, the largest of which are the Tourist Center located on the southern slope (Trysil Turistsenter) and the Alpine Center occupying the northern slope (Trysil Høyfjellssenter). The zones are located 2 km and 10 km from the village, respectively, and are connected by two six-seat chairlifts.

Located on the sunny side of the mountain, the Skihytta zone with its wide trails is suitable for family holidays. Due to the difficult terrain, there are areas of interest for experienced skiers, as well as slopes suitable for children. Professional skiers, fans of freeride and downhill skiing prefer the “Høgegga” zone, which is full of” black ” trails. It is here that morning skiing on virgin snow is arranged for small groups, which must be agreed in advance. Various competitions are often held in this area, in addition, the Norwegian national team has chosen the local tracks for training.

The fact that Trysil is the largest ski resort in Norway does not mean that skiing will be the only entertainment here. For fans of active recreation, Norway and its famous resort offer a lot of exciting activities in any season. In the cold season, you can ride a dog sled, go down the mountain on a sled or practice performing tricks on a snowboard in one of the snow parks. If you are confident in your abilities and want to demonstrate acrobatic skills to others, it is worth visiting Parken Trysil, where Jump&Rai l competitions are held every Saturday. On Tuesdays, in the ski area of the Trysil Tourist Center (Trysil Turistsenter ) at 20:00, skiers with lighted torches start descending the slope No. 15, everyone can take part in this event. In addition, during the winter season, various festivals and competitions are organized for the guests of the resort.

Next to the resort is the Trysil Village Museum (Trysil Bygdetun ), founded in 1901, which is considered the oldest in the country. 21 buildings have been recreated here, visiting which tourists will learn what the life of local residents was like in the XVII-XIX centuries. In the warm season, the main entertainment of the resort’s guests is hiking, cycling and guided tours. It will be interesting to walk along the trail leading to the top of the mountain Trysil Fjellet (Trysilfjellet ), where you can admire the panorama from a height of 1132 meters. The forests surrounding Trysil are famous for the largest number of moose in Norway. Enterprising travel companies decided to take advantage of this. They organize special “moose safaris” for those who want to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Another local “trick” is freshwater fishing on the Trysil River (Trysilelva), where grayling, pike and trout are caught.

Trysil is the largest ski resort in Norway, famous not only for its high-quality slopes, stable snow cover for 5 months, beautiful nature, but also for the climate, rightfully recognized as the best in Europe. The air here is crystal clear, because Trysil is surrounded by a coniferous forest, which not only adds picturesqueness to the landscapes, but is also able to heal.

If you are planning to teach your children to ski, then a family tour to Trysil is the right solution. All conditions are created here for novice skiers: specially equipped zones, high-quality and safe trails, professional Russian-speaking instructors, who will be found for you by the specialists of “Jazz Tour”. For the youngest guests, kindergartens are provided, where your child will be under the supervision of experienced animators while you conquer the mountain slopes.

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