Kopaonik Ski Resort, Serbia.

Kopaonik is the most famous and popular ski resort in Serbia. The resort is located in the mountain range of the same name, in a national reserve with an area of more than 118 km2. Kopaonik is a modern ski resort, international competitions in alpine skiing disciplines are held here, athletes from the Serbian national team train here.

Kopaonik is located 290 km south of the capital of Serbia – Belgrade. The travel time from Belgrade Airport is approximately 5 hours. You can reach Kapaoinik on a rented car from Belgrade https://cars-scanner.com/en/scanner/rent_car_belgrade.htm

Ski characteristics of the Kopaonik resort:

Altitude difference: 2021-1770 m (247 m)
The total length of the trails is 55 km,
Blue – 21
Red – 9
Black – 6
The longest route is 3.5 km
Number of lifts – 24
Children’s lifts – 4
Ski racing tracks-18
The lowest point of the ski area is 1100 m
The highest point of the ski area is 1970 m
Night track “Malo Jezero” – 450 m
Systems of “artificial snow” – 97 %
The tourist season lasts from December to March,
the thickness of the snow cover is on average 120 cm.
The number of sunny days per year is 200.

The cost of a 6-day ski pass in Kopaonik is about 100 euros.
There is a ski equipment rental service in Kopaonik – the cost of equipment rental starts from 17 euros per day per set (skis, poles, boots).
Alpine skiing and snowboarding school-the cost of classes in groups starts from 25 euros per person for 4 hours, there are English-speaking instructors.
Ski kindergarten for children from 3 to 8 years old, open from 10.00 to 16.00, cost from 20 euros for 4 hours.
The ski slopes in Kopaonik are mostly simple, ideal for novice skiers, there are 11 such “green” trails in Kopaonik.
For confident skiers, the resort has nine red and four black trails. There are also 3 specialized and FIS-marked ski slopes for snowboarding, downhill, giant slalom and super giant slalom.
Kopaonik also has a modern snowboard park, where numerous national and international competitions are held.

Hotels in Kopaonik
Since the resort is small and quite compact, almost all hotels are within walking distance of the ski lift.
The most famous and comfortable hotel in Kopaonik is the Grand Hotel & SPA 4*. It has its own fitness center, a large indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, indoor tennis court.
The hotel “Konatsi” is located 80 m from the cable car station, the hotel “Putnik Club A” is located in the very center of the village.
There are several other small hotels, such as Olga Dedijer, Jugobanka, Srebrnac, Putnik, Investbank, Rtanj, As, Villa Kolo Kolo.
In addition to hotels in the resort, you can book apartments, such as, for example, Suncani vrhovi, Jat, Nebeska Stolica, Raj, Sbija Šume, Kuca S, Paraglajder, Nebeske Stolice, Villa Lisica.

In Kopaonik there are swimming pools and gyms, restaurants of national and European cuisine, discos and nightclubs.
There is an ice rink on the territory of the Konatsi apartment complex, a special place for sledding is equipped next to the Grand Hotel.
The resort is considered a family resort, so there are children’s attractions and children’s discos.

Kopaonik is an ancient center of Slavic and Christian culture. You can visit ancient temples and monasteries, such as the Studenitsa Monastery, an architectural monument included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.
The monastery is one of the main shrines of the Serbian people, was erected by the ancestor of the Nemanich dynasty – Stefan Nemanja in 1190.
Another famous architectural monument is the Zicha Monastery, located in the vicinity of the historical region of Rashka. The founder and donor of this monastery was at the beginning of the XIII century, St. Stephen the First-Crowned (Simon in monasticism), and the builder was St. Sava himself, both sons of the great Serbian holy sovereign Stefan Nemani – prp. Simeon the Myrrh-streaming, the ancestor of the Nemanich dynasty.

Climate and weather in Kopaonik

In these places, the climate is very favorable for recreation and recreation. The average temperature in winter is -8 degrees Celsius. Another feature of Kopaonik is one of the sunniest resorts in Europe, the sun shines here more than 200 days a year.