Journey to the capital of Norway

Each city is good in its own way. Take Oslo, for example. Despite the centuries-old history of Oslo, it has recently become the capital. The city is completely immersed in the forest. Few cities, especially the capital, can boast that there are lakes and islands on the territory. In addition to beautiful nature, there are many more art galleries, fifty museums, cultural and modern life is in full swing around. For every tourist, the city will be good in its own way. It would seem that it is a northern city, but in winter, as it should be, even in the capital, you can go skiing, and in summer, sunbathe and swim in the lakes.

Getting to the Norwegian capital is easy. It will be fast by plane, trains also run. If you choose your own car, it will be a truly exciting journey. You will have to cross several states.

You can travel around the city by metro, buses, ferries. A single travel ticket is sold, benefits are available for pensioners and children. Do not try to ride a hare, you will have to pay a fine. There are even sightseeing buses, or you can take a mini-cruise on a boat. As with us, you can catch a taxi. It must be remembered that in the evening and on weekends the taxi fare doubles. Sports people will be interested to know that in Oslo you can rent a bike. Car rentals are also widespread. Those who come by their car should read a number of rules in order not to pay extra fines.

Upon arrival, the question arises of where to stay. All the hotels are expensive and don’t shine with stars. It is best to choose a budget option, and spend the money saved on sightseeing. Hostels are designed for both large companies and couples. You can choose a room with a kitchen for those who prefer to cook their own meals.

Communication shouldn’t be a problem either. Upon arrival in Oslo, it is best to buy a SIM card, and the Internet is generally good. It is also found in hotels, cafes, train stations, and in many public places.

In order to save money, it is worth buying an Oslo Pass tourist card. With this card, any roads are open. You can ride public transport for free, visit museums, swimming pools, and participate in walking tours. You can buy it almost everywhere. At stations, airports, kiosks and shops.

In summer, you can relax on the beach in the city center. The coast is heterogeneous, there are rocks, green lawns and sand. If you wish, you can visit the nudist beach, it is located in the northern part of the beach. You can play ball on the beach. There is a cafe, but there are no umbrellas, but under the trees you can hide from the sun. All beaches in Norway are free. Locals prefer to relax on the islands. There are still houses near the water. Stairs from the houses lead straight into the water. There is even a beach, with warm water, it is located on Lake Songvann.

In winter, without exception, everyone goes skiing. It’s hard for us to imagine, but there is a special place for ski equipment in public transport. Many trails are designed for both experienced skiers and beginners. All trails are well-lit so that you can ski until late in the evening.

Bringing from Oslo as a souvenir, of course, is better and more practical than all sweaters, socks, mittens with a national pattern. And to decorate the interior, cute figurines of trolls.