Country of Mountains – Switzerland

In 1863, in the summer, sixty-four people in clothes completely unsuitable for travel conquered mountains for 22 days, which were covered in ice and snow. Still not clear what kind of mountains? This is the Alps. And where are the most mountain ranges of the Alps? That’s right, in Switzerland.
This seemingly small country has a huge global unsinkable reputation as a reliable, legitimate state. It is the only country that has introduced a moratorium on any military operations on its territory, that is, neutrality. But the country is known not only for this political step. When you mention Switzerland, associations begin with the first words.

Who does not know about the famous Swiss watches, banks, medicines. And also about the equally famous cheeses and chocolate. Is it worth remembering that it was here that such a sport as mountaineering was born? It’s still a sport, not just mountain climbing. By the way, it was here that alpine skiing also appeared and is still popular here. Some even joke: “Norwegians and Swiss are definitely born with skis on their feet.” It is a national sport and there is no Swiss who does not know how to ski.

Every Swiss can be called a polyglot. This is because almost all of them speak four languages. These are the languages ​​of the countries bordering Switzerland – Italian, German, French, and quite unusual – Romansh. The latter is the state language. By the way, it is not very popular in the world, but nevertheless it is mostly spoken in this country.

You can walk in Switzerland and catch a cold, because your mouth will be open all the time in surprise and admiration. It is very difficult to find such beautiful mountains in the world.

Considering the famous combination – alpine meadows and snowy heights, you can just go crazy with such beauties. But it was these mountains that brought up the best human traits in the Swiss – hard work, frugality and perseverance. If all this had not happened, then probably they would not have glorified the products of this state so much. And the people of Switzerland would not be as rich as they are now. In terms of living standards, this state is almost the only one in the world – it is consistently excellent.

But what is most interesting is that Switzerland has not actually participated in any military blocs recently, did not fight in the Great Patriotic War, but at the same time its soldiers guard the famous Vatican. Only Swiss troops are entrusted with protecting the Pope from worldly crimes. And while it helps.

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