Rovaniemi — home of Santa Claus

Rovaniemi is considered the birthplace of Santa Claus and the capital of Lapland, which is located near the Arctic Circle. This city is one of the best winter recreation centers in Finland. The well-known Santa Claus Post Office is located 9 kilometers from Rovaniemi. Children and adults visit Santa Claus every year. The Finns call him Joulupukki. Here you can take pictures with Santa, buy many souvenirs for relatives, buy a sweater with reindeer, send a Christmas card to your loved ones, visit the Salmon Cafe.

The climate of this area is very harsh — snow begins to fall in August, and frosts even happen in mid-June.

The polar night begins in November and ends in April.

This town is home to the popular Marttiini knife factory. You can also visit the Arctic Center and the adjacent museum, which are united by a common glass roof. This museum presents the history and culture of the people of the northern people. The museum has a restaurant serving national cuisine. Also visit the Arctic rivers and various research stations.

Skiing is the main popular entertainment in this region. There is the Ounasvaara ski center in Rovaniemi. The skiing season starts in October. It will be very interesting for beginners here, as Ounasvaara has 9 tracks, 3 jumps, 4 lifts and a half-pipe for people who love snowboarding. Lovers of flat skiing can ride on special trails, the total length of which is 100 kilometers. Some of them have lighting.

This city is a great starting point for a trip to see such a beautiful phenomenon as the Northern Lights. This is an extraordinary wonder of the wonders of the world. Many people come here to see the colorful rays of the northern lights in the sky.

Two kilometers from this city is Santa Park and fabulous workshops with elves, which are built in an artificial cave. The princess will take you on a tour of the ice sculpture gallery, while the elves will teach you how to make New Year’s toys and decorations for the Christmas tree. You can also walk along the Jatkankynttila Bridge, on top of which there is an eternal flame. Workers who lowered sawn trunks down the Kemijoki River in the dark lit many candles to light their way. Since then, electric bulbs have been burning on this bridge, which resemble exactly those candles.

Extreme tourists can spend the night in an ice hotel, where the temperature is constantly minus 5 degrees. The on-site restaurant is decorated with ice sculptures. Residents who are very cold can warm up in the bar with a glass of whiskey. In addition to visiting the ice hotel, you can stay in a 4-5 star hotel. In local restaurants, you can try national Finnish delicacies – deer meat and salmon ear.
In Rovaniemi, you can go to Vesihissi Water Park, which is equipped with fountains, various slides and a jacuzzi. The cozy atmosphere will not leave indifferent any tourist.

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