Holidays in Finland

Finland ( welcomes tourists in winter and summer. In this country, adults and children are offered a huge number of options for outdoor activities. For those who love skiing, Finland is a great choice. The sports centers of the famous resort regions of the country are rightfully considered the best in Northern Europe. Finnish cities are also suitable for a combined holiday. Fans of sightseeing and ecological destinations are advised to visit the places of Northern Savonia.

One of the main resort centers of the region is Kuopio. The city with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Kuopio is rightly called the pearl of Northern Savonia. It can be called a historical treasure. Kuopio is a godsend for sightseeing holidays. The city attracts with numerous monuments of history, culture, architecture and museums.

The beauty of Kuopio fascinates, captivates, captivates. The city is surrounded by the fantastic lake Kallavesi. The forested area comes close to residential areas and occupies more than 50% of the area of ​​Kuopio. Houses in Kuopio seem fabulous. Landscapes of the city can hardly be called urbanistic. Here the panorama of the city is mixed with the park, but this is exactly what is the highlight of the tourist center of Northern Savonia.

Kuopio does not lack tourist attention all year round. One of the peak periods of the season traditionally for Finnish cities falls here in the winter. Of course, in terms of the range of entertainment programs for tourists, the city cannot be compared, for example, with Rovaniemi, where skiers and those who want to visit Santa Claus choose their vacation. But wintertime Kuopio has its own charm.

In December-February, the city offers skiing and luge. The trails are located on the slopes of the mountains of the Puyo ridge. The area around Kuopio is excellent for cross-country skiing. Not only in winter in the city you can relax actively. Autumn Kuopio attracts lovers of forest walks (there are a lot of mushroom places and glades with berries in the vicinity of the place). In summer, tourists are offered boat trips around Kallavesi. Spring Kuopio attracts with its lush greenery and the aroma of flowering meadows. Kuopio is the historical treasury of Northern Savonia. The city is loved by fans of sightseeing holidays. Ecotourists travel to Kuopio to see the aquamarine lakes and rugged mountains of the region.

In addition to landscapes, the Finnish city is interesting for its ancient history. The first settlements, according to historical data, appeared on this territory about 8,000 years ago, when there was a typical northern European small village, a parish church and a dozen low-rise houses – this is what Kuopio looked like in the 16th century. The settlement received the status of a city a century later. Kuopio grew after the construction of the railway and the Saimaa Canal. The main architectural sights of the town belong mainly to the XVII-XIX centuries.

Today, Kuopio is considered the largest port in Suomi. The woodworking, food industry, mechanical engineering and tourism are actively developing here. The tourist history of the city is less than a century old. In the 20th century, the first tourist information centers, hotels and other tourist infrastructure establishments appeared in Kuopio. Today, the city has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Kuopio is waiting for fans of creative and active pastime.

For those who do not like the silence of the hinterland, tours to the Finnish capital are recommended. A bright city with a strong character will hospitably meet aesthetes, party-goers, lovers of recreational and outdoor activities. As a starting point for combo tours, Helsinki is a great choice. It is convenient to start acquaintance with the country here.