Alpine resort of the world – Davos

Davos is considered to be the most popular resort in Switzerland among tourists who like to ski. Its location is unique as the resort is located in a valley with a height of 1560 meters. It is divided into two main parts: the western district and the eastern district. There are a huge number of all kinds of descents that tourists who come to this place can choose for themselves. In addition, it is considered one of the medical resorts in Europe, specializing in lung diseases, skin diseases and allergic reactions of the body.

There are several types of ski trails in Davos. The number of such trails is about 99. If they were combined together, the length of these trails would be 320 km. Some of them individually reach 10 km. There are 6 main areas separated from each other in the resort. These include: Weissflugipfel, Pisha, Parsen, Jakobshorn, Gotschna, Rinerhorn. The main ski area is considered to be the Parsen highway. It is located in the northern part of the ski resort. To get to the top of the track, you need to use the lift. For experienced skiers, the Weisflugipfel ski trail is perfect.

Davos is a surfing hub. You can visit 6 fan parks here. Some of them are located on the slope of the Fawn Mountain, while others are located at the Bolgen lift, in the Rinerhorn and in the Glatteggen.
As mentioned earlier, Davos is not only a ski resort, but it is also a great place for preventive treatment. Since the 19th century, tuberculosis patients came to this place and most of them were able to recover. Back in the 20th century, many scientists confirmed that the local climate helps to get rid of diseases of the respiratory system, as well as skin diseases and allergies.

The effect of the treatment is unique in the way it works even after leaving these places. Davos is rich in three large clinics and a huge number of specialists working on the treatment of the above diseases. The secret of treatment is simple and lies in the fact that due to the high-altitude climate, the immune system of the human body is stabilized. Based on dry air and cold temperature, there is no spread of pathogenic microbes. And since the resort is located high enough, dust mites die here, which cause an allergic reaction in many people.

The local cuisine of Davos should be especially highlighted, as it surprises its guests with the simplicity of taste, cooked dishes. And the main highlight is that in this place they cook according to old recipes. You should especially try dishes such as: “Bündnerfleisch”, roast meat made from mountain sheep and “kapuna”. In Davos, you can find a huge number of cafes and restaurants where these amazing and delicious dishes are prepared.

Davos is a truly fascinating ski resort that tourists should definitely visit. In addition, this place is perfect for people suffering from respiratory diseases. Among other things, this resort is perfect for gourmets who love delicious cuisine.

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