About the choice of equipment for the ski resort

If you are going to a winter resort to ski, it’s time to learn how to pick them up. An article on how to choose equipment for a ski resort, practical advice for beginners.

If you are going to a ski resort, then it is advisable to stock up on everything you need in advance. This is not because they won’t give you skis or skates on the spot, it’s just that they will cost you exorbitant prices there.

Modern skis are not at all the skis that were, say, five years ago. Then everything was simple – two ski tracks and a strap with a clasp. However, for an inexperienced skier on sharp turns, such a design can easily ruin the whole vacation. So what do you need first?

These are comfortable ski boots and skis with low-level bindings. Boots should be comfortable and match in size – here ski shoes are chosen in the same way as regular ones. However, the most important thing is that the ski bindings match the size of the ski boots.

As for the bindings, they should allow you to make turns, so that the shoes slow down less on the snow. On skis, there must be a longitudinal area between the ski track and the boot, which fixes the bindings. The bindings themselves should be adjustable back and forth, so that it is convenient to change the position of the body if necessary.

Actually, that’s all that a beginner skier needs to know, if something is not clear, knowledgeable people at the hotel or ski resort hotel where you will rest will always tell you.

Another tip, if you are going to a winter resort by car, then the car should be equipped with r16 winter tires or one that fits your car https://cars-scanner.com/en/.