Top Things to Do in Iceland in Summer

The land where fire meets ice – Iceland – is located in the Atlantic Ocean. There is so much to admire here. So what season is the best to visit Iceland? Well, it is kind of obvious.

Summer is an exciting time to travel, including in Iceland, because the temperature in the summertime rises to +16°C, and sometimes even higher. During the summer daylight lasts almost 20 hours, and in June, it is hardly possible to see a twilight. It is great because you can see so many things within just one day.

These are the main profits of the summer period in Iceland:

• music festivals are held in big cities in summer.

• externally, Iceland is becoming more attractive – everything is green, blooming, and smelling.

• the official opening of several Highland roads, allowing access to travel to some places.

• June 20 is the longest sunny day in Iceland.

Therefore, if we talk about the best time to explore the country and take guided tours in Iceland, then this is definitely the middle of summer.

Every tourist, who was lucky enough to visit Iceland, should visit the Hekl volcano, the Valley of Geysers, and the multi-level Gullfoss waterfall for pleasant memories.

So, now more info will follow on what to see or do in Iceland in summer, and the range of options is wide.

  • Blue Lagoon

This is the name of the geothermal pool in Iceland, which is known in almost all countries. It is known due to the chemical composition of the water, in which pathogenic microorganisms die when they enter the Blue Lagoon.

blue lagoon
  • Myvatn Thermal Baths

The Myvatn Thermal Baths are located near the lake of the same name in the northeast of the country, where not all tourists reach. But even the landscape in the baths is almost the same: distant mountains, black volcanic soil, and muddy blue water of the pools, over which a light smoke swirl. Water comes here from neighbouring geothermal power plants. Around this lake located near the Myvatn Nature Baths there are a lot of interesting things: geothermal zones, caves, craters, lava fields.

myvatn thermal baths
  • Golf course

The most popular and rapidly growing sport in Iceland is golf. There are several clubs in the country, and nature itself contributes to the increasing spread of golf on the island, because in the summer in Iceland during the white nights you can play golf around the clock.

Today there are 65 different golf courses open in the country which you can find on and you can choose the best of them. The picturesque nature and its unique features provide the perfect backdrop for a game that no golfer should miss.

golf in iceland
  • Westfirder

Visit the Westfjords with its endless fjords and bays, this is not a place for a quick glance, but a place for mental and visual enjoyment… Here you slow down your pace and savour the breath-taking scenery of the sub-Arctic landscapes. This land, with its small fishing villages, which is the wild heart of Iceland, is still struggling with civilization and is still at the mercy of nature.

westfjords iceland
  • Videy Island

A unique place that attracts with the presence of waterfalls, thermal geysers, and beautiful national parks. Not everyone has heard about the island, so the number of tourists on it is small.

  • Whale Fjord

A large sea bay located in the western part of the island. The name of this place was due to the large accumulation of whales that can be seen with the naked eye from the shore. Many tourists visit the Whale Fjord because of the opportunity to admire the giant marine life.

  • Mount Esja

Esja is not only an eye-catching volcano, but also one of the most common female names on the island. Fans of panoramic views will love this place.

mount esja
  • Thingvellir

It is a small valley located in the south of Iceland, but at the same time Thingvellir is a park. Known officially as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in early 2004. Every year many tourists traveling through Iceland visit Thingvellir.

  • Reykjavik

This is the northernmost capital of the world. At this place, clouds of water vapor rise from the ground, hence the name Reykjavik, which means “smoke bay”.

The city’s attractions are the cathedral and the Hallgrimskirkja church, reminiscent of a rocket in flight. Khövdi was formerly the mansion where Gorbachev and Reagan met in 1986. Icelanders are immensely proud of it.

But as soon as you’re in Iceland, strolling through the streets of Reykjavik, a mist of mysticism rises, and you’ll be amazed at a vibrant, friendly, and full of cultural Iceland.

One of them is Reykjavik Culture Night in August. An art festival awaits you under the nocturnal sun (at this point it hardly sets 24 hours a day).

reykjavik culture night

All residents, young and old, as well as visitors to Reykjavik, participate in various cultural events in and around the city. According to statistics, one third of Icelanders come to this holiday.

Outdoor concerts, fireworks, shows for young and old are waiting for the visitors. All museums, galleries, restaurants, shops, and cafes will be open. Since the 90s, the Reykjavik Marathon has taken place on the same day. This event, as it were, brings sport and culture together. All events are free of charge.

Skogafoss waterfall

The 60 meters high Skogafoss waterfall makes you hold your breath with its vertically falling water! This corresponds to the height of a twenty-story building. Further, the river flows along the coastal plain and flows into the ocean.

Of interest are the surroundings of the waterfall. From here begins the hiking trail, which leads to the active fissure volcano Fimmvürduhauls. It is sandwiched between the Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull glaciers. In sunny weather, the waterfall will certainly please you with a double or triple rainbow.

skogafoss waterfall
  • Cape Dyrholeey

In the north of the country there is the city of Vik. Only 480 people live in the village. You will get astonished by the basalt rocks sticking out of the ocean. Geologists call such formations kekurs. The natural sculptural composition is called Reynisdrangar. And in the vicinity of Vik there are black beaches and the fantastic Cape Dirholaey, which is a stone arch protruding into the ocean.

  • Botanical Garden

Akureyri, the fourth largest city of Iceland, is in the north of the country and has the nickname of the “northern capital”. The number of inhabitants of the city does not exceed 18 thousand people. For Iceland, that’s a lot. The main attraction of the city is the Lutheran church of Akureyrarkirkya.

The city hosts the Arctic botanical garden and an aviation museum with nearby located an impressing 12 meters high Godafoss waterfall. For tourists, trips on snowmobiles and scooters, ski trips and ice fishing are organized.

  • Jokulsarlon Lagoon

Iceland is a small country. There is only one motorway on the island – the Icelandic Ring Road runs along the ocean. If you drive along the south coast to the east, the Jokulsarlon lagoon cannot be bypassed. The largest lagoon in the country is located in the south-eastern part of the island, between the Skaftafell National Park and the large city of Höfn. Someone romantically called this place “The ghostly procession of luminous icebergs along Jokulsarlon.”

The best time to visit the lagoon is July or August. This is the warmest time of the year in Iceland. The air temperature can rise above 16 degrees. During this period, open water prevails in the lagoon, on the surface of which snow-white and pale blue icebergs are frozen. There is absolute silence here. It’s hard to believe that this is a real picture, and not a painting by a science fiction artist.

jokulsarlon lagoon

Iceland is an absolutely exclusive country. The climate there is no sugar, but the landscapes are fantastic. You won’t find these anywhere else in the world. Volcanoes, geysers, lava fields, canyons, glaciers, black beaches, bizarre rocks are collected in one place. The island is small in size, there is a ring road, so it is easy to get to the most remarkable places. Icelanders say: “If you want to go to the moon, come to us.” They are clearly being modest. Their country is more interesting than the moon.